2 Sites for Smart Shopping


I love shopping online. Not only can I shop in my PJs from the comfort of my own home, but thanks to the internet, I can easily comparison shop so I know I am getting the best deal. But it doesn’t stop there. Below are 2 sites that will help you make a great deal even sweeter.


If you’re already planning on making a purchase online, be sure to visit RetailMeNot before you check out. The site is loaded with coupon codes for thousands of retailers. Don’t want to pay shipping? How does 20% off your order sound? Well there might be codes for that. All you have to do is search, and voila! I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve saved on purchases I would have made anyway.

Be sure to use RetailMeNot when comparison shopping too! If an item you want is available at multiple retailers, check for coupon codes at both. There might just be a great code out there at one place that will save you a bunch.


In conjunction with RetailMeNot, I also use Ebates. Ebates is my absolute favorite way to save money when you shop. Similar to RetailMeNot, they have coupon codes, but where the real magic happens is the cash back. Yup, that’s right. They pay you to shop.

Let’s say you’re planning on buying some fall scented candles from Bath & Body Works. First, go to Ebates and search for Bath & Body Works. A page will show up with a shop now button as well as a percentage (in this case 4%). Click the button and a tracking ticket will be created and you will be redirected to the Bath & Body Works site. Now shop as usual. A few days later, you will get an email updating you on your cash back (which in this case is 4% of your purchase). Four times a year Ebates will send you a Big Fat Check with your cash back.

By using both RetailMeNot and Ebates, there’s no way for you to not save money! So go shop smart!

Do you have any money saving tips when shopping online?

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This post contains affiliate links for Ebates. I absolutely love this service and I hope you do too!

Tips for Saving Money at Target


Sidenote: These tips are things I’ve learned online, from friends, or from experience. I am not claiming that they are 100% accurate. Also, be sure to read the comments for even more tips!

I could practically live at Target, I’m there so frequently. But while Target is a great place to shop, my bank account says otherwise. There’s some sort of force field over the stores that make it impossible to leave unless you’ve spent $20+. Pair that with the fact that I’m there several times a week and you’ve got a problem.

Fortunately there are a bunch of ways to save a bunch of money at Target. If you thought Target’s already great prices couldn’t get any better, then prepare to have your mind blown.

Sign Up for a REDcard

Just what you need another credit card, right? If you shop at Target often, then a REDcard is probably a good idea. However, if you’re not looking to get another credit card, you’re in luck! Target offers 2 types — one is just your ordinary run-of-the-mill credit card, while the other is a debit card which is linked  to your bank’s debit card. It’s like using your regular debit card, only you get all the benefits of a REDcard.

So what are the benefits? With both cards you’ll save 5% and get free shipping on Target.com. Now while 5% doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s better than nothing! The free shipping can also be a great money saver, especially if you’re just looking to buy one item. You don’t have to fill your cart with additional items just to get free shipping and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to get one teeny-tiny thing shipped.

Use Coupons

Every Sunday I head over to coupons.target.com and scour all the new coupons for the week. There are coupons for everything, from beauty products, to groceries, to clothing and accessories. My favorite section is the clothing section. $5 off a $25 clothing purchase? Yes, please! If there are any coupons you like, make sure to print them out asap. I believe they are only available for that week, but they should have an expiration date about 2+ weeks away.

Most of the coupons at coupons.target.com are store coupons. This means that you can stack them with manufacturer coupons! For example, let’s say there’s a Target coupon for $1 off a L’Oreal cosmetics product. Let’s say you also have a manufacturer’s coupon for $2 off a L’Oreal product from your local Sunday paper. Because one’s a store coupon and the other’s a manufacturer’s coupon they can both be used! Boom, you just saved $3!

Download the Cartwheel App

Target recently released an app called Cartwheel, which gives you access to a bunch of offers, such as 5% off Market Pantry milk or 15% off women’s shorts. You can save offers and then have the cashier scan a barcode on your phone. Instant savings! If you don’t have a smart phone or if your phone isn’t supported (the app is available for Apple and Android), you can visit cartwheel.target.com and select your offers that way. Then all you need to do is print out the barcode they give you, which you can then present to your cashier.

Shop the Clearance Section

One of the best sights in Target is that little orange sticker which means an item is on clearance! Be sure to check out the clearance section (usually an end cap in each department) for low priced items. But don’t just limit your clearance search to those areas. I’ve spotted clearance products among regular priced ones. Sometimes a certain color of something is on clearance, but others aren’t, so keep your eyes peeled.

Shop Seasonally

In addition to Target’s regular clearance inventory, they often also have seasonal clearance. These items are often reduced faster than non-seasonal merchandise because the season is over! For example, if you go to Target the day after Christmas, usually all of their holiday items are 50% off. Since Christmas is over, they need to make room for new inventory (which would most likely be Valentine’s Day related). The same goes for back to school or summer merchandise. A fun thing I like to do is go to Target the day after any major holiday (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, etc). Why? 50% holiday candy!

Combine, Combine, Combine!

Using at least one of the above methods will save you money. However, the secret to saving tons of money is to combine them! Now that’s probably not going to happen all the time, but when it does, you can walk away with some amazing deals!

For example, let’s use the L’Oreal scenario mentioned above. You have $3 off in coupons and a REDcard. You happen to come across a L’Oreal product in the clearance section of the beauty department which has been marked down from $8 to $5. Using your coupons, that product is now $2, plus you save 5%! And if there’s a deal on Cartwheel, you’ll save even more. After all that saving, you just got an $8 product for 75%+ off. If that’s not a great deal, then I don’t know what is!

Sidenote: when combining offers, make sure to read the find print on any coupons, etc. Some Cartwheel deals cannot be applied to clearance merchandise.  — thanks Kaycee!

What are your money saving tips for shopping at Target?